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How my girlfriend changed both my life and business: The story of my growth. The importance of being in a relationship with the right partner.

There was a period in my life when I was exceptionally active in my relationships with women. During this time, I dated over 200 women. My quest was to find a partner with whom I could share my life. However, due to my youth, I was somewhat superficial. This made it challenging for me to recognize a good partner, as I struggled to see beyond external appearances and appreciate inner beauty.

Years of introspection and personal growth passed. When I turned 28, I met Mary. She was the first person with whom I experienced a truly deep and intimate relationship. We brought out the best in each other, and it was during our time together that I came to understand a quote: "If you want to succeed in life, forget about girls and focus on one woman."

I firmly believe that the stability and success I enjoy in both my business and in the volatile world of crypto is due in large part to my relationship with Mary. In a domain as unpredictable as cryptocurrency, having a stable and supportive partner offers a sense of foundation. No matter what challenges I face in business, I am always anchored by my relationship with Mary. This foundation gives me immense strength, confidence, and the resilience to navigate the hurdles of life.

Also, I would like to mention that most of my previous relationships distracted me from my personal growth and stability in business and career. Sometimes they were connected with stress and powerful emotions that took the focus away from important things. Of course, it was also a valuable experience, and even if sometimes it was negative, it was always a lesson for the future. It allowed me to understand which partner and relationship I want and need. And, of course, it helped me to appreciate my relationship with Mary so much. Thanks to past negative experiences, I can appreciate the care, support, and tenderness that Mary gives me in our relationship.

I am deeply grateful to have met Mary. Our relationship catalyzed significant personal growth within me, marking my transformation from "a boy" to "a man."

I hope each one of you finds a sincere and genuine partner with whom you can forge a profound connection. Such a bond can be life-changing, influencing not just personal realms but also impacting professional and financial aspects. The more responsibility you embrace, the more the Universe rewards you.